Great visit. Always helpful staff. Thank you Dr. Kevin!

My experience is always great, Dr. Rob does a great job, and the staff is always friendly, and helpful.
The service provided was exemplary. Doctor, Massage Therapist, and staff were professional and friendly.
Mad props to Dr. Rob for getting me back to work. I couldn't function... And now I'm sore but it'll subside. No more lost wages. Thanks a lot for finally putting some oomph into adjusting my lumbar... It finally popped and is relieved!

Arctic Chiropractic is a very professional and friendly environment. I feel like I'm getting the most up to date treatment and really see the difference in such a short time. The staff is wonderful too!

I had a great visit! Helped me feel better and figure out what was making me hurt. I would definitely recommend my co workers if they were ever looking for a chiropractor!!

I brought my 2 month old daughter in for an adjustment after I heard about chiropractic helping colicky babies. She used to cry for hours at a time, but after I brought her in for her adjustment she stopped! She is a happier, healthier baby! Thank you Arctic Chiropractic!

I had Dr. Lewis help me with a nagging tennis elbow problem. He also showed me some exercises to prevent the problem from worsening. They were very helpful. I haven't had another case of tennis elbow again. And when I feel what seems like a slight reoccurence I do the exercises. Thanks to Dr. Lewis.

I injured my back at work and went to the emergency room, after waiting three hours all they did was give me pain medication and send me on my way. After several days of intense pain I finally decided to call a chiropractor. I called Arctic Chiropractic and they fit me in immediately. After several adjustments I was significantly improved. The entire staff was friendly and professional. I would recommend them to anyone.

I sprained my ankle while playing volleyball in high school and my parents recommeded that I see a chiropractor. The chiropractor adjusted my ankle as well as my back and neck. I could immediately feel the improvements. My overall health and activity level improved. I have since moved to Fairbanks with the military and I absolutely love Arctic Chiropractic for care about me and helping me maintain my active lifestyle.


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