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  • Chiropractor in Fairbanks
    Chiropractor in Fairbanks - Chiropractors are health care providers who focus their attentions on the treatment and analysis of vertebral subluxations or misalignments of the spine. The first evaluation upon your visit to the chiropractor is to ... More
  • Nutritionist Fairbanks
    Nutritionist Fairbanks - Lifestyle Modification Counseling Good health involves much more than simply being disease-free or pain-free. Health exists along a continuum, and where you are on that continuum is highly dependent on the choices you ... More
  • Wellness Fairbanks
    Wellness Fairbanks - The Body Restoration Technique (or otherwise called BRT) is a therapy which identifies and removes energy blocks through non-invasive way. BRT is based on the idea that the brain-body has natural repair control mechanisms. ... More
  • Back Clinic Fairbanks
    Back Clinic Fairbanks - Kinesiology is a muscle testing method so as to identify and correct bio-energetic imbalances within the patient. It was developed by Dr. Alan Beardall. Clinical Kinesiology is based on the idea that the body is a living ... More
  • Ergonomics Fairbanks
    Ergonomics Fairbanks - The study of workplace design and the effect it has on the safety and workers productivity is referred to as ergonomics. Literally "ergonomics" translates to "laws of work." Ergonomic specialists strive to improve work ... More
  • Fairbanks Acupuncture
    Fairbanks Acupuncture - Decompression therapy is a way to be able to relieve pain to the lower back and neck without using invasive treatments like for example a surgical procedure. This kind of rehabilitation therapy, likewise known as spinal ... More
  • Physiotherapy in Fairbanks
    Physiotherapy in Fairbanks - Non-surgical spinal decompression is a method of easing chronic back pain. The theory behind spinal disc decompression is that damages to the spinal disc lead to compression of the nerves in the spinal column causing ... More
  • Chiropractic Fairbanks
    Chiropractic Fairbanks - Chiropractic care dates back to the year 1895 when David Daniel Palmer of Davenport, Iowa developed a method of spinal manipulation to promote physical health. Now, chiropractors undergo six to eight years of education so ... More
  • Fairbanks Massage Therapy
    Fairbanks Massage Therapy - Neuromuscular treatment is a kind of massage meant to stabilize neurological activity and repair soft tissue function. The therapy is utilized in order to treat tissue injuries and prevent chronic pain. Trauma from ... More
  • Fairbanks Chiropractic
    Fairbanks Chiropractic - The chiropractic technique known as Network chiropractic could likewise be referred to as Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). Network chiropractic focuses around the concept that the spine uses channels of energy to connect ... More
  • Fairbanks Osteopath
    Fairbanks Osteopath - The gentle approach called the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique is used so as to restore balance while even stimulation the natural healing abilities using a corrective procedure on the upper cervical region of the ... More
  • Acupuncture Fairbanks
    Acupuncture Fairbanks - Laser acupuncture is a new method of acupuncture making use of low-energy laser beams rather than needles. The laser beams influence the current of energy at the acupuncture points. As an alternative kind of medicine based ... More
  • Chiropractor Fairbanks
    Chiropractor Fairbanks - Professional chiropractors are educated through several years of education to address lots of physical challenges related to spinal health, such as back and neck pain, chronic migraines, joint discomforts, and limited ... More
  • Osteopath Fairbanks
    Osteopath Fairbanks - The holistic techniques or approach of applied kinesiology function as a muscle therapy which combines numerous different therapies and techniques to achieve the best results. By using applied kinesiology, individuals could ... More
  • Fairbanks Physiotherapy
    Fairbanks Physiotherapy - Lumbar decompression can be done through non-surgical and through surgical means. Serious back problems are most commonly cured through surgical lumbar decompression. Non-surgical treatments treat severe back pain ... More
  • Chiropractor Downtown Fairbanks
    Chiropractor Downtown Fairbanks - Even though chiropractors might be considered to be practicing alternative medicine, the chiropractic profession really is very close to the mainstream of medical care. Chiropractors study for several years in ... More
  • Chiropractor Fairbanks Downtown
    Chiropractor Fairbanks Downtown - Chiropractic care identifies and corrects the cause of health problems caused when misalignments of the spinal column disturb neurological communications between the brain and the rest of the body - the tissues, ... More
  • Osteopaths Fairbanks
    Osteopaths Fairbanks - Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) is a holistic chiropractic method to health. B.E.S.T. is a method of resynchronizing the body's magnetic fields that have become misaligned because of stresses. Not like ... More
  • Hot Stone Massage Fairbanks
    Hot Stone Massage Fairbanks - Hot stone massage is similar in movements to classic Swedish massage, but utilizes hot rocks to be able to relax the muscles enabling a deeper massage applying less direct pressure. Hot stone massage is somewhat new. ... More
  • Fairbanks Therapist
    Fairbanks Therapist - The method utilized by chiropractors to regularize the connection between the sacrum and the top of the spine is known as the SOT method. SOT means Sacro Occipital Technique (or Technic). "Sacro" relates to the sacrum, the ... More
  • Fairbanks Physio
    Fairbanks Physio - The mild manipulation of the spine for purposes of therapy is referred to as spinal manipulation. In order to help alleviate back and neck pain in the individual is the true intention of spinal manipulations. Naturopathic and ... More
  • Spinal Decompression Fairbanks
    Spinal Decompression Fairbanks - Spinal decompression relieves pressure on the spinal column, encouraging healing from conditions caused by excessive or chronic pressure. Spinal decompression procedures could be non-surgical (mechanical) or ... More
  • Fairbanks Chiropractor
    Fairbanks Chiropractor - Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) is a system of analyzing and adjusting the spine and body which facilitates the recovery of the body from distortions and injuries, causing total health and wellbeing. In a ... More
  • Fairbanks Chiropractors
    Fairbanks Chiropractors - When visiting the office of a chiropractor for the first time, you have to know what to expect and what expectations are sensible. Newcomers to chiropractic care need an explanation of chiropractic and why it is ... More
  • Fairbanks Nutritionist
    Fairbanks Nutritionist - Specializing in the study of nutrition and food, nutritionist's can work in labs or do field work. Some areas where one could find a nutritionist are those who work together with individuals, communities, or societies on ... More
  • Therapy Fairbanks
    Therapy Fairbanks - To treat soft tissue ailments, the majority of healthcare professionals will use a range of methods comprising ultrasound, massage, trigger point therapy, and electrical modalities. Each of these methods is effectual in their ... More
  • Best Chiropractor Fairbanks
    Best Chiropractor Fairbanks - A chiropractic activator is a small hand-held instrument meant to realign bones. It is useful in chiropractic treatment as an alternative to the manual methods chiropractors use to be able to make adjustments to the ... More
  • Fairbanks Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic
    Fairbanks Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic - The practice of physiotherapy is based on the treatment, evaluation and diagnosis of a number of different problems, diseases, and disabilities making use of methods of physical therapy. ... More
  • Physiotherapist Fairbanks
    Physiotherapist Fairbanks - The Blair chiropractic technique uses several ways, like for example neurological tests, heat sensitive instrumentation, and adjustments, to be able to treat and detect vertebral subluxations. A subluxation happens ... More
  • Acupuncture Clinic Fairbanks
    Acupuncture Clinic Fairbanks - Since the maintenance of the central nervous system is very important to an individual's wellbeing and health, chiropractors spend much of their energy concentrating on the spine as it protects the nervous system ... More
  • Chiropractors in Fairbanks
    Chiropractors in Fairbanks - To be able to correct abnormalities in neuromusculoskeletal functioning, chiropractic therapy calls for both muscle mobilization techniques and hands-on manipulation. The techniques that are utilized focus on nerve ... More
  • Chiropractors Fairbanks
    Chiropractors Fairbanks - Chiropractor education is the same as traditional medical education. Two to four years of undergraduate study are required to enter chiropractic programs, followed by four years of specialized training in chiropractic. ... More
  • Chiropractic Clinic Fairbanks
    Chiropractic Clinic Fairbanks - A chiropractic method (or technique) is an approach within the field of chiropractic care. Chiropractic practices are quite varied, and chiropractors have several various methods from which to choose or in which to ... More
  • Downtown Fairbanks Chiropractor
    Downtown Fairbanks Chiropractor - There are a limitless number of reasons that someone might be referred to a chiropractor. There are lots of reasons that someone might seek out a chiropractor's care on their own. Someone with chronic back pain ... More
  • Back Pain Clinic Fairbanks
    Back Pain Clinic Fairbanks - The spinal column is broken up into three parts - the thoracic, the lumbar and the cervical. The bottom of the spine known as the pelvic area is where the coccyx and sacrum bones are located. Each and every part of ... More
  • Counselling Fairbanks
    Counselling Fairbanks - Improved postural alignment is a goal of surgery, chiropractic, physiotherapy and dentistry. The connections between health and postural alignment are involved in several types of treatment for human illness. Chiropractic ... More
  • Therapist Fairbanks
    Therapist Fairbanks - The idea of clinical kinesiology is quite easy, but what is it that makes it work? The focus of Clinical Kinesiology is on strengthening the weaker muscles that play a hidden role in causing pain. Different types of ... More
  • Massage Therapy Fairbanks
    Massage Therapy Fairbanks - Decompression tables, likewise called inversion tables, are used to be able to ease pressure on the vertebrae. These tables are custom-made so as to cure a variety of physical health issues, particularly back pain. ... More
  • Physiotherapy Fairbanks
    Physiotherapy Fairbanks - The most common technique in chiropractic treatment, the diversified technique is taught to each chiropractic student today. Developed by D.D. Palmer, DC., the diversified technique was afterward refined by the late Otto ... More
  • Fairbanks Spine Clinic
    Fairbanks Spine Clinic - In the topic of chiropractor treatment, Bio-Geometric Integration (or likewise known as BGI) provides a comprehension of the reason for subluxations. Seen as an unintegrated experience of new force frequencies, ... More

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