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Chiropodist in Fairbanks - Bulging discs will often happen as a result of aging, wherein discs will shift out of its normal radius and bulges through a crevice in the spinal column. Housed in a casing of cartilage, discs comprise gel-like,soft material. Discs are located between vertebrae of the spinal column and serve to cushion the vertebrae. A bulging disc usually occurs in the lower part of the back, known as the lumbar spine.

A herniated disc and a bulging disc are not the same thing. Herniated discs are most often caused by trauma injuries. Bulging discs would usually develop over time, and in numerous cases, there is no pain unless the disc affects a nerve or becomes herniated. A bulging disc may not be a concern unless it begins to result in ruptures, pain, or becomes herniated. Since a bulging disc may not be painful, it may go unnoticed until identified during a diagnostic imaging test like for example magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Sometimes, a bulging disc can be a problem secondary to another health problem.

Treatment used for a bulging disc is, in most cases, non-invasive. People are commonly told to rest and avoid lifting, and a combination of heat and ice and anti-inflammatory medications or cortisone injections might be prescribed. medication for pain might be adequate so as to lessen whichever pain.

A bulging disc is a condition affection the lower back and might result in pain radiating into the legs. Less often, bulging discs might lead to conditions in the neck region with associated pain which affects the shoulders and arms. Such pain can reveal that a nerve in the neck is being pinched.

In whatever case, a physician would take a medical history of the patient and undertake a physical examination to determine the source of the pain and whether the problem arose suddenly or gradually. Commonly the condition can be relieved by conservative treatments, like those already mentioned. In serious conditions, a surgical treatment can be suggested as the right way to deal with compression on the nerves from a bulging disc which becomes herniated.

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