Got a Spine Scholarship Winner 2023

Paul Sabong is from Houston, Texas, and graduated from Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School. Paul will be attending the University of Houston in the fall and will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Message from Recipient:   

I would like to thank Arctic Chiropractic for awarding me this humblind scholarship. The concepts and values I have learned about the chiropractic industry while writing my essay will indissolubly be ingrained throughout my life for the better. The Got a Spine Scholarship will absolutely and utterly help me financially, whether it be purchasing textbooks, covering tuition, or transportation. The estimated equivalence of time invested to earn the value this scholarship provides will be allocated towards my studies, which I, again, thank Arctic Chiropractic for this opportunity. I am truly blessed for Arctic Chiropractic helping many students achieve their academic and career goals.

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