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  • Pain Management Clinic Fairbanks
    Pain Management Clinic Fairbanks - The misalignment of the spine called a vertebral subluxation, causes an impediment to the communication between the body and the brain. A vertebral subluxation might be better understood as a spinal ... More
  • Fairbanks Orthotics
    Fairbanks Orthotics - A damaged or degenerative disc in the spinal column leading to pain, numbness, or tingling. Taking place as part of the aging process, a degenerative disc might even be caused by underlying medical conditions. Every so ... More
  • Clinics in Fairbanks
    Clinics in Fairbanks - A herniated disc is a rupturing of the tissues between the vertebrae or the abnormality of the spine caused by injury from wear and tear on the body. A herniated disc could at times be referred to as a pinched nerve, ... More
  • Chiropodist Fairbanks
    Chiropodist Fairbanks - Stress reduction in conjunction with healthy daily life is an important part of preventive health. Preventive health means maintaining overall health so as to avoid the onset of conditions and diseases. Though some stress ... More
  • Podiatrist Fairbanks
    Podiatrist Fairbanks - To be able to help enhance the health and positioning of the spinal column, individuals can participate in posture training, that concentrate on stretching and exercise regimens. Bad postures can cause pain in the back, ... More
  • Fairbanks Pain Clinic
    Fairbanks Pain Clinic - Vertebral subluxations are misalignments in one or more areas of the spine. These misalignments are understood by chiropractors to produce different indications and health issues. A chiropractor's diagnosis of a vertebral ... More
  • Fairbanks Chiropodist
    Fairbanks Chiropodist - Distortions of the spinal column referred to as the vertebral subluxation complex could result in spinal nerve damage. Oftentimes, the vertebral subluxation complex is painless, yet could result in interference between the ... More
  • Myofascial Release Fairbanks
    Myofascial Release Fairbanks - Myofascial release is a method of treatment which concentrates on the massaging and stretching of connective tissues during soft tissue massage. This method has been a popular massage therapy over the past 2 decades ... More
  • Fairbanks Podiatrist
    Fairbanks Podiatrist - Interference with nerves, or pressure on nerves, can cause a host of conditions and symptoms. Beneath, the vertebrae of the spinal column are numbered and associated their related health issues. C1 - insomnia, headaches, ... More
  • Fairbanks Clinics
    Fairbanks Clinics - There is a growing amount of evidence which proves that there are lots of factors which impact human health. In order to become healthy, individuals must have adequate nutrition, hydration, exercise, sleep, emotional ... More
  • Custom Orthotics Fairbanks
    Custom Orthotics Fairbanks - Orthotics can be custom molded for your feet in order to help lessen chronic conditions throughout your entire body. Orthotics are an efficient means for addressing knee, foot and back pain. Orthotics can likewise be ... More
  • Food Doctor Fairbanks
    Food Doctor Fairbanks - The 33 separate bones which make up the human spinal column are called vertebrae. "Vertebrates" is the word for all the animals with backbones. The spinal column serves a lot of important functions. One function is to ... More
  • Fairbanks Pain Clinic
    Fairbanks Pain Clinic - An electromyograph (or likewise called EMG) is an apparatus designed for diagnosing neuromuscular disorders. The EMG records the electric activity of muscle fibers and the motor neurons which activate them. The EMG makes a ... More
  • Back Pain Fairbanks
    Back Pain Fairbanks - EMS or likewise known as Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a treatment for injuries by sending electrical pulse utilizing the square form to the muscle needing treatment. The square waveform could stimulate the muscles giving ... More
  • Chronic Pain Clinic Fairbanks
    Chronic Pain Clinic Fairbanks - Sciatica is a condition which results from an irritation of the sciatic nerve, that is experienced as pain in the leg and lower back. Sciatic nerve pain is typically felt on just one side of the body. Numbness and ... More
  • Orthotics in Fairbanks
    Orthotics in Fairbanks - The spine protects and encloses the spinal cord, the bundle of nerves that sends signals from the brain to the rest of the body. The spine is also known as the backbone or vertebral column. The spinal structure has a ... More
  • Chiropodist in Fairbanks
    Chiropodist in Fairbanks - Bulging discs will often happen as a result of aging, wherein discs will shift out of its normal radius and bulges through a crevice in the spinal column. Housed in a casing of cartilage, discs comprise gel-like,soft ... More
  • Orthotics Fairbanks
    Orthotics Fairbanks - Custom orthotics are made for a particular person's feet for the reason of correcting any misalignments. Custom orthotics can improve posture, and alleviate leg or foot pain. Custom orthotics could be inserted in a shoe. ... More
  • Foot Care Fairbanks
    Foot Care Fairbanks - Slipped disc refers to a spinal disc being put under pressure between two vertebrae, resulting in mild to severe pain. A slipped disc is likewise called a herniated disc, compressed disc, prolapsed disc and bulging disc. A ... More
  • Foot Clinic Fairbanks
    Foot Clinic Fairbanks - The number of motor vehicle accidents in Canada number over 8,000,000 per year. Nearly all victims of low-impact car accidents normally do not seek any medical attention. Of these more than 60% report no injury. This is ... More
  • Pain Clinic Fairbanks
    Pain Clinic Fairbanks - Everybody undergoes pain - pain which lasts a few seconds, or a few days, or several months or years. Brief intense pain is called acute pain. Pain that is persistent is known as chronic pain. Pain is your body's way of ... More
  • Podiatrist in Fairbanks
    Podiatrist in Fairbanks - Scoliosis is a spine-related deformity resulting in a sideways curvature to develop. The spinal deviation should be more than ten degrees for a diagnosis of scoliosis to be made. That is because a slight deviation in the ... More


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