Back Pain Clinic Fairbanks

Back Pain Clinic Fairbanks

Back Pain Clinic Fairbanks - The spinal column is broken up into three parts - the thoracic, the lumbar and the cervical. The bottom of the spine known as the pelvic area is where the coccyx and sacrum bones are located. Each and every part of the spine marks a curve within the spine's curvature. The spine's S-curvature maintains proper alignment of the body, allows flexibility and mobility and protects the spinal cord.

There are 33 vertebrae that make up the vertebral column. In the first three regions, there are 24 separate vertebrae, whilst the remaining 9 are connected into the coccyx and the sacrum. The vertebrae all share similar basic structure but have slightly different appearances and forms, such as size differences, along the spine. Sandwiched between the first 24 vertebrae are shock-absorbing discs that allow the spine to remain flexible.

The vertebral column serves several purposes. One of which is to protect the spinal cord, while also providing flexibility, stability, and balance for the body. The column has connection points for the ribs, pelvic bones, and muscle groups. The column supports the body's weight and structure.

The two essential functions of the spinal cord is to coordinate simple reflexes and connecting the brain to the peripheral nervous system. Like for example, it is the spinal cord that sends a signal to pull your hand away from a hot stove.

The peripheral nervous system is made up of nerves that send signals to and from the brain and the spinal cord. The internal organs, muscles, blood vessels and skin all communicate through 31 pairs of spinal nerves all along the spinal cord.

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Back Pain Clinic Fairbanks

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