Nutritionist Fairbanks

Nutritionist Fairbanks

Nutritionist Fairbanks - Lifestyle Modification Counseling

Good health involves much more than simply being disease-free or pain-free. Health exists along a continuum, and where you are on that continuum is highly dependent on the choices you make each day. The accumulated effect of countless small unhealthy choices could trigger chronic health conditions and disease. What are your unhealthy habits? Do you smoke cigarettes? Do you regularly rely on coffee, medication and soda consumption to get you throughout the day? Even such habits as incorrect lifting techniques and poor posture could have long term effects. Other factors which could eat away at your health consist of too much saturated fat and alcohol consumption, lack of fresh fruits and veggies, and too much mental stress. Lifestyle Modification Counseling helps clients with identifying unhealthy choices that can be impacting their health and provide practical guidance to handle them.

Employee Health Training and Education

Employee health training and education deals with stresses and injuries connected to work. Employee health training and education provides guidance on right lifting techniques, the best arrangement for workplaces, ergonomic equipment and furniture, ample physical fitness, and appropriate safety measures. Everything that plays a role in the prevention of work injuries, and employee health and satisfaction.

Diet & Nutritional Counseling

In our modern society, there are several illnesses which are in part, attributed to dietary and nutritional deficiencies. Stroke, diabetes, heart disease and cancer are the sicknesses that are responsible for the highest number of deaths. All of these killer illnesses are related with nutrition and diet. Chiropractic doctors are meticulously educated in the optimum human diet and nutrition. Chiropractors are trained to provide guidance associated to nutrition and diet and to create a personalized program meant for clients. Adherence to a healthy nutritional program is essential to reduce the risk of developing these illnesses. Good nutrition is among the best ways to assist your body in achieving and maintaining health and wellness.

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Nutritionist Fairbanks

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