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Pain Clinic Fairbanks - Everybody undergoes pain - pain which lasts a few seconds, or a few days, or several months or years. Brief intense pain is called acute pain. Pain that is persistent is known as chronic pain. Pain is your body's way of notifying you to a problem. Something has probably become injured. Pain is a message sent from your nerves to your brain.

Your nerves are all over your body, communicating with your brain via electrical signals. There are nerves extending from your brain and spinal cord to your skin, muscles, and internal organs. All feeling sensations move from various parts of your body to your brain via a network of nerves. The nerves known as the central nervous system are protected by your spinal column.

Vertebral subluxations or spinal misalignments are distortions, pinched nerves or the subluxation complex, of the spinal column can result in nerve stress. Whenever the nerves are impinged, irritated, stretched, or likewise interfered with, the nerve system cannot correctly work. Since the nerve system is the body's control center, negative health effects can follow whatever stress to it.

The task of the chiropractor is free up the nerve system from spinal stress to be able to aid the body heal itself. When the spinal column is properly aligned, the body's immune system can work more effectively, improving bodily functions, and enhancing disease resistance. The body can better respond to external and internal environmental stresses and both acute and chronic pain can often be lessened.

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