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Orthotics Fairbanks - Custom orthotics are made for a particular person's feet for the reason of correcting any misalignments. Custom orthotics can improve posture, and alleviate leg or foot pain. Custom orthotics could be inserted in a shoe. They could also become a part of the shoe's sole when included into the shoe's design. Unlike inserts which can be acquired at whichever shop, custom orthotics are specifically made to conform to the unique shape of the wearer's foot.

Medical doctors as well as other health care professionals determine if custom orthotics can be of benefit to the person. If so, they first obtain a cast, that is an impression of the person's feet. The most common kind of cast resembles a box that is roughly the size of a foot. The bare foot is positioned into the box and the malleable surface conforms to the foot's exact contours. When the foot is removed, its unique shape is noticeable. The doctor can then order the custom orthotics by shipping the molds to a company that uses laboratory techniques which will help to correct whichever concerns with the foot. The finished custom orthotics would be ready to be delivered in a a couple of weeks or so. Custom orthotics are usually made of rubber materials and may have extra padding.

Custom orthotics need not limit the types of shoes you can have on. They can be made to fit practically whatever type of shoe, including high-heeled shoes, so long as there is room for them to fit inside. Very shallow shoes may not work for the orthotics. If you have custom orthotics you must slip the orthotics into new shoes previous to trying them on in the shop.

Custom orthotics can take a while for the patient to get accustomed to. Typically, it would take at least a week for the orthotic to shape to the person's foot. Then they should be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. The custom orthotics must be worn consistently for many months for people to attain positive effects.

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