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Fairbanks Orthotics - A damaged or degenerative disc in the spinal column leading to pain, numbness, or tingling. Taking place as part of the aging process, a degenerative disc might even be caused by underlying medical conditions. Every so often, no cure is needed if the body can stabilize the situation on its own. If treatment for a degenerative disc is needed, the exact form will depend on several factors, such as the location of the disc, the cause of the degeneration, and the types of indications the degenerative disc is producing.

Found between the vertebrae, discs are shock-absorbing pads that consists of a soft inner layer of tissues surrounded by a tough outer layer. Both the inner and outer layers could be affected by a degenerative disc. In a herniated disc, for instance, the jellylike inner layer leaks out through a tear in the outer layer, leading to pain and applying pressure to the surrounding nerves.

Degenerative discs are usually part of degenerative disc disease (DDD), which actually is not a disease, but a collection of indications related with damage to the discs in the backbone. DDD happens in lots of older individuals as part of the process of aging. DDD could produce shooting pains, back pain that changes if the patient shifts position, numbness and tingling, and general discomfort around the part of the spine where the disc has degenerated. The area surrounding the disc can become inflamed because of irritation.

Often a degenerative disc needs no treatment except for gentle stretching and added care with sleeping and sitting positions. That might be enough for the problem to resolve itself. If that method is not enough, pain medications and/or physical therapy may be recommended.

In order to correct several cases of degenerative discs, a surgical procedure might be considered necessary. There are various surgical methods such as fusing together in order to stabilize the spinal column, or replacing a disc to help improve a disc problem. A surgical treatment can repair herniated discs and narrowing of the spinal canal caused by the growth of bone spurs and outgrowths. Normally a surgical procedure is recommended only in severe cases for people that appear to be good candidates for an operation. Spinal surgical procedure could be time-consuming and risky.

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