Got a Spine Scholarship Winner 2021

Joey Zhuang is from Markham, Ontario and graduated St. Robert CHS, which is located in Thornhill, Ontario, and will be going to Queen's University for a Bachelor in Health Sciences this fall.    

Message from Recipient:   

 "Arctic Chiropractic, thank you so much for listening to and supporting my hopes of dispelling stigmas surrounding health through the Got A Spine scholarship. I am so thankful to feel encouraged by the community at Arctic Chiropractic to pursue a public health career. This award will go towards covering my books and lab supplies fees. It'll alleviate the financial burden in paying for university so I can indulge in the community services and initiatives that advocate for and provide better health resources and knowledge for my community. I can't wait to start my undergraduate journey and Iím so grateful to Arctic Chiropractic for helping me begin it."

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