Got a Spine Scholarship Winner 2019

Arden Seely is from Calgary, Alberta and graduated from Henry Wise Wood High School. She is attending the Athabasca University completing a Bachelor's of Science in Human Sciences with a minor in Psychology.

Message from Recipient:
“Thank you so much for choosing my essay as the recipient of this scholarship! As a paramedic I have struggled with back pain throughout my so-far short, but fulfilling career. It was a pleasure to be able to write an essay and then win an award on a topic that has so closely affected me. This money will make a huge difference in my life by affording me the opportunity to focus on my studies and still be able to make ends meet. It is very challenging to attempt to attend school while working full time. The degree that I am pursuing will hopefully make me a more knowledgeable paramedic so that I can best serve my community and provide exemplary health care to those who require it. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for choosing my essay as your winner.”

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