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Foot Clinic Fairbanks - The number of motor vehicle accidents in Canada number over 8,000,000 per year. Nearly all victims of low-impact car accidents normally do not seek any medical attention. Of these more than 60% report no injury. This is disturbing because the long-term effects of low force impact could lead to Low Velocity Impact and Whiplash (or otherwise called LVW), a symptom complex developing as a delayed response to accident trauma.

The old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is not true in this case. Current symptoms might have been caused by previous past accident if these injuries are left untreated. Present research supports the concept that low speed accidents do indeed result in a lot of issues, some of them lifelong if not corrected.

According to the Canadian Chiropractic Association, one of the most common reasons individuals seek chiropractic treatment is because of Motor Vehicle Accidents (or otherwise called MVA). Previous MVA injury can result in degenerative changes or structural breakdown which in time produces the LVW condition. LVW is when the body is at rest and upright in the seat when a sudden impact, either by acceleration (being hit by another object) or deceleration (hitting an object) takes place.

All through the first stage of LVW the head remains stationary and there is movement of the lower torso. All through the second stage the force transcends up the spine moving the head in an opposite direction to that of the torso. Injury is inflicted to the side of the neck opposite the direction of force. In the third phase the accident culminates with the head and upper back rebounding toward the direction of force because of the seat restraint. This commonly leads to injury to the opposite side of the neck.

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