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Fairbanks Physiotherapy - Lumbar decompression can be done through non-surgical and through surgical means. Serious back problems are most commonly cured through surgical lumbar decompression. Non-surgical treatments treat severe back pain through utilizing drugs or machines.

The doctor will work to take out bones, discs or ligament through surgical lumbar decompression in order to help ease pressure on the spinal column or spinal nerves within the lumbar section. Often the best treatment for spinal stenosis is lumbar decompression. Spinal stenosis is a condition where the spinal canal truly narrows by putting pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves. Spinal stenosis may develop as part of the aging process, or it can be caused by chronic conditions like for example osteoporosis or a tumor, or it may be the result of spinal trauma like disc herniation.

Spinal stenosis causes intense lower-back pain, and could affect various areas of the body, such as numbness in feet and legs, or a gradual loss of bladder or bowel control. These effects can last for a long time, worsen in the long run, and even become permanent.

In several cases of spinal stenosis, anti-inflammatory drugs can be utilized. If aging is causing spinal stenosis, a natural spinal canal narrowing, anti-inflammatory drugs could alleviate some symptoms but would not be able to stop or reverse the condition itself. If the anti-inflammatory drugs significantly ease symptoms for the rest of the patient's life, there will be no need for further treatment. Then again, if anti-inflammatory drugs are not adequate to improve the signs, surgical lumbar decompression could, in various cases, provide a solution.

Laminectomy and microdisectomy are two main kinds of surgical lumbar decompression used these days, and both kinds have pretty high success rates. They make use of advanced surgical techniques, and a minimum of post-operative pain. Minor spinal fusion may be enough to improve the condition if the nerve root does not seem to be entirely decompressed.

To be able to help manage pains after surgical procedures, oral medications can be prescribed. Physical activities would need to be stopped for a certain period of time. Activities like for instance lifting weights or twisting the spine should be discontinued for the time being. Driving and walking commonly can be resumed in a couple of weeks of the operation, according to the physician's orders.

Non-surgical ways of lumbar decompression, is a great alternative to surgery. Numerous physical therapists like chiropractors, will specialize in using lumbar decompression systems. Non-surgical lumbar decompression is much less invasive than a surgical procedure and probably longer-lasting. Nonetheless, non-surgical lumbar decompression does not work in all cases.

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