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Fairbanks Massage Therapy

Fairbanks Massage Therapy - Neuromuscular treatment is a kind of massage meant to stabilize neurological activity and repair soft tissue function. The therapy is utilized in order to treat tissue injuries and prevent chronic pain. Trauma from injuries can result in discomfort and interfere with nerve function. Neuromuscular therapy manipulates connective tissues, muscles and tendons with the intention of balancing the central nervous system.

In the 1930's in Europe, chiropractors Boris Chaitow and Stanley Lief initially started using neuromuscular therapy. In Europe, neuromuscular therapy has been used to be able to treat sports injuries in addition to pain. Ultimately it spread to the United States. By the 1980's two doctors, David Simmons, M.D. and Janet Travell M.D., devised a detailed system referred to as the five point technique. Their work resulted in a detailed method to therapy by mapping trigger points in the myofascial tissue. They determined the five basic elements that lead to physical pain: nerve compression, postural distortion, biomechanical dysfunction, ischemia and trigger points. The development of neuromuscular massage had an impact on therapeutic fields of practice, and the five point technique evolved into what is now referred to as neuromuscular treatment.

Ischemia is a condition characterized by lack of blood flow to the soft tissues. Individuals experiencing ischemia are really sensitive to touch and can likewise experience bruising, sensitivities to temperature, and a constant feeling of pain in the bones and skin. Ischemia is the first element causing physical pain.

The second deals with highly irritated parts in the muscles which cause pain in different parts within the body. These irritated locations are called trigger points. A trigger point is a tight knot in a muscle which places additional tension on the rest of the muscle and hurts when pressed. Relief comes when concentrated, intense pressure is utilized straight to the tough spot on the muscle and held there until the knot begins to release.

Another element of pain comes from nerve entrapment or compression. Pain results when, as the result of bone loss or disc degeneration, soft tissue or cartilage presses on a nerve.

The fourth reason for pain is postural distortion. Jarring or harsh body movements take place during car accidents, falls, and various incidents which force the body off its natural longitudinal and horizontal planes.

The fifth element of pain is caused by biomechanical dysfunction, that is when an individual regularly moves the body incorrectly in such a way as to cause pain over the long term. Working at a computer for long periods without an ergonomic chair or utilizing an incorrect golf swing, constantly, sooner or later, might lead to musculoskeletal imbalances.

Recovering from pains caused by any of the five physiological factors could be started with a program of massage therapy. Massage therapy could help build the needed balance and flexibility back into the nervous system. Neuromuscular therapy makes use of a technique of massage that focuses particularly on detailed areas that are generating the pain. The techniques utilized in this kind of therapy include manipulations of the therapist's thumbs and fingertips to massage ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues. The objective is to be able to release muscle fibers that are tight which various kinds of massage might neglect.

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