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Back Clinic Fairbanks - Kinesiology is a muscle testing method so as to identify and correct bio-energetic imbalances within the patient. It was developed by Dr. Alan Beardall. Clinical Kinesiology is based on the idea that the body is a living biological computer. Its huge stores of memory may be accessed to be able to find out the main causes of apparent indications. Clinical Kinesiology is a touch therapy uniting energy medicine and Chinese acupuncture along with Western health sciences. The objective of kinesiology is to balance the body's meridians through releasing energy blockages.

The body has a difficult time forgetting trauma though it is great at healing and adapting. An instance is a pulled muscle in the back could cause lingering issues due to posture changes are made to protect the back and in order to prevent pain. Muscles within the body are intended to take on protective responses, loosening and tightening, thereby changing the entire structure. The injury may heal somewhat fast, but the body's tendency to get used to to the injury with a whole new posture is termed "compensation". While the back problem could be solved, the memory of the shock that changed the posture of the body could presently be causing a knee or wrist problem. "Compensation" is exactly what Clinical Kinesiology is meant to tackle utilizing therapy. Clinical Kinesiology could be utilized in conjunction with physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic therapy or other program designed to restore correct function. Unless the hidden compensation is addressed, exercise, stretching, or other therapies may not be enough to ease issues completely. Compensation makes the body vulnerable to extra injury and may cause performance to suffer.

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